Calling all Curls

deva curl curly haircut

Curls are comin' in hot this season and I want everyone to flaunt what they've got! Confused on your texture and what products are best for you? Ill break down the most common curl types with my favorite product cocktail to keep the curls calm all year round...

Do you have fine hair? It could easily be smoothed, but easily persuaded to be wavy? If you're not careful with how much product you apply, will you have to re-wash tomorrow? You'll be happy to know Deva has the line for you! The Delight category will be your go to when you're looking to try something new. To start your curls off post Poo, only use a minimal amount of conditioner on your ends, working your way up the head towards the scalp. Two pumps of Volumizing Foam at your root will help achieve the most volume. The Spray Gel Boost will give your waves just the hold they need to stay in place without getting weighed down by the typical curling gels. Stop in for a consultation with Kay so she can give you your very own Curl Recipe!

Does fine hair not fit your curl desciption? How about soft ringlets? Is it easy to achieve natural curls once the hair is wet? Do you want more definition to avoid a frizzy mess? I've got what your looking for! The original Deva line gives your curls just the right amount of hydration without over powering the curl. I always recommend the Ultra Defining Gel for girls who love their curl and want more than a day or two out of them. The stronger hold helps to keep the curl cluster in tact longer and we love not having to wash everyday! In conjunction with the Ultra Defining Gel, my secret weapon is the Set up and above at the end. Start off with a dime size amount, enough to give a light coating over your hands. Whip your head over and use your hand at your scalp to gently loosen hair and curl cast. Flip back over and place curls where your part prefers to lay. For more tips with your curls, stop in for a No Poo Transformation along with a full product line recommendation for your own curl type.

Are you trying to tame the mane but the above descriptions don't fit your curl? I've got a few of my favorite products left to share, so keep hanging on! The Decadence line became a part of the Deva Curl family in late 2016 for the cork screw curly Q's who still need more lovin'. So many products made for the extreme curl use fillers, such as silicones and parabens, to give you the illusion your curls are soft. In reality, all that's happening is your curls are getting a film over the top. What happens when you get a film on your curls? Products such as Deva, designed to penetrate the curl and re hydrate, cant work to break through the layer of fillers and they can't work to their fullest. If this sounds like a rut you're finding yourself in, treat yourself to the Micellar Build up Buster. This product does just what the title says. If this is your first Deva time with me, this service is highly recommended. If you're on the hunt for products that do what they claim, try Coconut Curl Styling Cream. This cream will give your curls the love they deserve with the jojoba oil, and my favorite part is how versatile it is. Looking to smooth the curls for another look? Use half the amount you would to go curly, focus product placement on your ends and disperse evenly to begin your blow out.

Still not seeing the combo you think is right for you? I'd love to get my hands on your curls and help you find what's best for your texture!

Check back late for more updates!


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