April Showers are bringing May flowers...

Hello again friends!

It's been the typical "April Showers bring May Flowers" type of month and I can't wait for May to get here! I'm one of those people who the weather effects my mood big time, and this rain is quite literally- raining on my parade. I need sunshine and windows open and parks and playgrounds too. How can anyone be in a funk with that??

With summer just around the corner, I'm ready to be in the shorts and flip flops kind of mindset and ditch the Uggs and heavy winter coats! Let us not forget the prep that gets us summer ready though, lookin' gorg can be time consuming!

Who's got time to spare though? Most of you reading this are most likely Moms taking a peak at your phone before getting your beauty rest, full time students taking a study break or a hardworking girl on her way home from her 2nd job to help with those pesky student loans! Regardless of which one you are, we all know time is of the essence. I've done the research for you and tried and tested products to give you the best look to start your summer off strong. Find out what I like best for self tanners, a newly discovered add on to your facials and why we deserve pedicures.

Pedi Ready...

Our footsies have been cooped up in boots all winter long and we do not wanna see those toes out and unloved after that never ending season. Start this season off by treating yourself to a pedicure! I love to indulge in the extra callus remover for my first pedicure to get off all the dead skin build up. The difference is noticeable and you'll thank me when your toes look fab in the new strappy sandals you just picked up! Getting my girls together for pedis and a coffee is an instant mood booster and one of my favorite ways to relax ;)

Not sure what colors are hot this season? I found a blog with reviews of the latest OPI Fiji Spring & Summer 2017 Collection. My personal fave is "Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon", but that's in my total comfort zone of light pinks! If i was going out on a limb, I would totally go for the "No Tan Line". The vibrant orange is hard to rock with my all black wardrobe without giving me a Halloweenish feel, but if I was jet setting to Fiji I'd be all about it! Check the link below to get your visuals for the collection!


Glowing Skin...

Although I hope everyone has been taking great care of their skin all winter long, it's easy to just stick to your normal regimen versus adjusting it accordingly when our skin changes seasonally. If your unsure of your skin type and what lines are best for you, I highly highly recommend my girl Nico at Rumors. She helped clear my skin up when it was at its worst and shes never steered me wrong. When Rumors Spa started offering dermaplaning, I knew it was something I needed to try. Dermaplaning is a quick half hour to 45 min safe procedure for exfoliating the top layer of skin and saying siyanara to the vellus hair aka the little peach fuzzies we see all over our face! Any-who, I knew this was for me because I had so much peach fuzzies that it practically reminded me of side burns. Luckily for me its blonde so its not overly noticeable, but enough that I wanted it gone! My makeup seemed to just be sitting on top of my skin and never looked like it was enhancing my look. I'm not into that masked makeup look so if I could prevent this, I'm all about it. Are you wondering about the actual procedure? I was so curious! The tool that's used resembles a scalpel. The service begins with a gentle cleanser to get rid of anything on the surface, then they get right to work. Working against the grain of the skin, they remove the hair and dead skin build up. Remember Caroline on RHNJ? She just straight up shaves her face with a razor, and that will cut the hairs at a different angle than dermaplaning and will give you stubble as the hairs grow back. Our Spa girls are all uuber knowledgeable about this and can answer any other questions you might have! Aren't you happy I recommended someone?! This service sees it's greatest results when done once a month. After one time, I can guarentee you'll want to keep up the routine!

Getting your bronze on...

We might want a glowing face but whens the last time you heard someone say "your blindingly white legs are to die for"...sure people rarely go around complimenting each others tanned legs either but lets just pass right over that detail and assume that's how it goes. Being in the tanning bed or on the beach to get a tan takes work and time and ultimately causes skin damage. I gave up the booth years ago when I realized how prevalent skin cancer was in my family. That's nothing to joke about and right away, I turned to self tanners instead. Vincent absolutely loathes the smell of every self tanner there is but that won't stop me from getting bronzed in the sweet summer time! There are so many on the market that it's hard to know what is going to leave you glowing or whats going to leave you looking like our current President. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid that look!

My favorite lotion that gives you color over time(vs. the instant gratification) is still the trusty ol' "Jergens" lotion. The pro's; its a gradual color, it is categorized by what shade your skin currently is(pale to light, light to medium, medium to dark)and lets you build your tan deeper and darker from there. Since the self tanner is in the lotion, always wash your hands after! Hands are dead giveaway that the glow isn't natural.

My ultimate fave is the "Fake Bake" brand. I have their facial tanner, all over body tanning lotion and the spray tan. The spray tan is great, but as with most nozzles, it doesn't work well when it's tipped upside down. Don't ask why that's a necessity that I apply it that way, but you'll get that part once you get started! I like the "Fake Bake Original" that comes with a mit and gloves. A mit you say? A mit! The self tanner is heavily bronzed and goes on alarmingly dark. That's your warning, so know that it is normal. The dark pigment helps you see where you've applied and what you still need to cover. The bronzer part washes off in the shower so just be sure you've changed your white sheets before hoppin' in bed that night! You'll be perfectly tanned when you wake. Applying your everyday lotion will help keep skin moisturized and prevent blotchy-ness after a few days. What other maintenance should you keep in mind? Always start with a shave and a shower prior to applying anything with a self tanner involved!

I've mastered my skill of application and found these to be the best non-streaky, non-carrot looking color self tanners out there. If you're still not concinved these are for you, let a machine take over and get yourself into the Salon and try our spray machine with options for double tan on the leg, extra color on the face, bronzer or no bronzer and 3 different level options. Take my word or find out on your own but whatever you decide, leave being ghostly white for the winter weather!

Check back soon to see what specials will be available to spoil your Wife, Mother or that special lady in your life this Mothers day, Sunday May 14th. Ciao

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