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I hope you're reading this poolside, on your porch with a cocktail in hand, or at the fire-pit with your hunny. Regardless, it's sweet summer time and the livin's easy. We're spending more time in the sunshine, and seeing changes in our hair and our skin. Summer weather bring us all sorts of scenarios where clients are looking for answers to these frequently asked questions.

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"My blonde doesn't stay blonde, what's the deal?"

Typically I get this question asked in reference to the tone of the clients blonde after the color glaze has worn off, after they've spent significant time in the sun or if there is a build up on the top layer of their hair. Blondes are left feeling brassy, yellowy, golden or often times just dull. This is where using a blonde shampoo will give your color longevity and keep you feeling beautiful. If you're feeling dull, often that's a result of mineral build up from your water. Look for a purple toned shampoo and conditioner like Goldwell Blonde Shampoo or Surface Blonding Conditioner. Both of these products were designed to rid the yellow tones from the hair (envision the color wheel). If you feel dull and brassy but it's been more than two and a half months since your last appointment, a visit to the salon is callin' your name!

"My scalp feels so oily if I don't wash everyday, but a dry shampoo only does the trick until lunchtime..."

Ask your stylist to recommend a shampoo that was created for your hair type. More often than not, my clients are using a 'poo that's designed for a different texture than theirs. Fine hair paired a sensitive scalp? Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree works wonders and smells amazing! Wanting the perfect dry shampoo? I've said it before, but Amika takes the cake. Check out the May blog post for an in depth product review.

"How often should I use a hair mask?"

Hair masks will give you the best results when used once a week in conjunction with salon quality shampoo and conditioner. If you've got split ends, you can only expect masks to heal so much. Remember, a trim is the only thing that will seal the deal to help you heal.

"Will switching shampoos after I run out of my current one make any difference? I think my hair gets use to it so I want something new"

This is heavily dependent on what you're switching from. If you're already using salon products, the difference in results will be significantly less dramatic than if Suave was leaving and Kerasilk by Goldwell or Surface were making their debut. I think our hair can get accustomed to the active ingredient in our products, so if your new shampoo is serving a different purpose than the current, it's safe to say you could see positive results by making a change.

If you have more questions and haven't seen the answer you were looking for, perhaps it's time for a service with me where I can help you one on one.

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