My 5 beauty essentials for traveling this summer

Do you catch yourself wishing your time away, anticipating for the exciting things that are happening in a couple of weeks? Somehow July is over, and we're almost exactly at the halfway mark of August already. I've been dyinggg to take this long weekend away with my girlfriends and recharge my Mom battery before we wrap summer up, but then I realize-we'll be wrapping summer up!

Anyways, going away means I needed to start thinking about what to pack. It's not like I can just walk to the bathroom and grab my favorite serum or back to my closet if I forgot something! So what's a girl to take on a trip to avoiding the whole over-packing ordeal?

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Here's my list:

1. Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizer

Why I love it? We all know I'm a bargain shopper and this lotion is just 4$. I love to splurge where it counts but when I'm not trying to bring my whole cabinet of everything with me, I turn to this fabulousness in a bottle. Does it have SPF? Check. Vitamins A, C &E? Check. I should also mention it is non-comedogenic- aka- doesn't clog your pores & oil free. Bonus: its fragrance free too!

2. Wedges

Lets face it, heels aren't really my thing and who likes to wear shoes that hurt after the first hour? Get yourself a neutral color pair of wedges (it's space saver in the suitcase too)! Look for a pair that will dress your outfit up just enough for the day to night look and not leave you too casual in just your sandals. A little peep of your pedicured tootsies is just the right touch for summer!

3. Deva Curl Towel & Ultra Defining Gel

You didn't think I'd post something without having Deva as a favorite did you? I can reduce my diffusing time and keep my beachy look by using my defining gel to fight the frizz while the Deva Towel will absorb as much extra water as possible. Using the towel after applying products and while your hair is still damp is recommended use. I find the large size of the towel makes it very easy to use and it can be thrown in the washer after a few uses. Less dry time means more beach time after all.

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4. Everything for the "no make up" make up look

I can't actually only give you 5 things, so lumping this into a category was the best way to get around that! Included in my "no make-up" make up look is a primer, powder foundation, mascara, highlighter/blush duo, and a brow gel. Don't forget a tinted gloss to complete your look and you'll have a fresh glow without trying too hard. Its vaca after all!

5. Lavender baby powder

I love the heat, I love the ocean, I love a warm breeze. I do not love to smell like B.O in the sweet summertime. A little baby powder all over can do the body good when you're in that southern heat. Pick up a travel size and don't be a sweaty Betty! The lavender is better than just the lingering smell of plain old baby powder and it's said to be a soothing scent. Who doesn't want to be a little more relaxed?

We can't wait for our trip to the beach but it'll be great to come back fully recharged and ready to take on the latest fall trends! Enjoy what's left of your summer, don't wish your time away and stay positive, Beauty Queeens!

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