Tipsy Tuesday

Hello Gorgeous-

We had such a beautiful "Indian Summer" and I certainly wasn't complaining! With the weather being such an influence on what inspiration pictures we choose, I am absolutely ready to embrace the changes that follow. I've put together a quick Beauty Review for you Queens, I'll start off with a hair tip or two and onto a few of my faves for the fall make up look.

Tip #1- Blondes can stay blonde!

Just because the sun sets at 6pm, don't feel like you need to make that drastic change to the dark side if you're not feelin' it. I recommend to the blondes who lust after a new look, to change the tone from their icy summer blonde to that gorgeous sandy-beigey blonde instead. 

Tip #2- Cut ties with your summer split ends!

We've been in salt water, chlorine, spent time out in the sun, and possibly over highlighted. The summer has ended, so why not say siyanara to your dead ends too. My motto usually is "whats the point of long hair if it looks like hay?" I mean really though. Would you rather someone look at your ends and think they are about to fly off into the wind they're so dead, or compliment you on your shiny smooth locks? Besides, dead ends are not helping your style and healthy hair grows quicker.

Tip #3- Time to change your skin care and make up routines!

Put down the foundation that's two shades too dark now and walk away from the bright pink lip. Lets get ready for the Fall trends and embrace that it's time for a change(think darker pinks, deeper reds). I've included my favorite products for you too.

Go ahead, schedule that facial and spoil yourself with a new moisturizer or face cream.  Have some fun and test out some new masks at Sephora AND Ulta. Don't forget to find your new shade of foundation! I wanna see the switch to a darker lip shade too! I love pretty much everything that comes with this season in case you didn't pick up on my excitement there! Have fun with make up and don't be afraid to be bold(er)!

Here's what made my list:

Fave Face Cream-Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream, $24. Favorite Mask- Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, $58. Current Fave Foundation- Too Faced, $39. Favorite Lip-Lorac Alter Ego Gloss,$17{I've been rockin' the Goddess lately BTW}

One of my favorite clients always says "If you cant change your life, change your look". Shouldn't that be trademarked? How true!! Whether you're about to get the winter blues and you'll miss the constant sunshine, or you're just over the same ol' look, now's the time to toss your oldies and find new goodies! I can't wait to see what changes you make to your look. Don't think I won't notice ;)

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