Your styling products are your insurance policy

You're at the salon, you just paid top dollar to get that Pinterest worthy hair, and now your stylist is telling you that you should get these products too? If your first thought is "No thanks darling, I'll grab something when I stop at Target next time!"...this is for you!!

Prior to cosmetology school, I would get my hair products at the grocery story. I tried everything under the sun- from every brand imaginable and had sticker shock every time my stylist showed me what it would cost to give my hair what it needed. There is no way I was paying 20$+ for one bottle of shampoo when I spent all my money on the color. Good lawd was that stupid. I'd have this rich chocolate brown color, or honey blonde highlights I was dying for...for about two weeks before my John Frieda washed that richness right down the drain.

Ya see, the grocery store products take a little bit of our salon quality products and add in fillers - such as silicone, parabens and waxes to make the product afforable. Parabens are a compound of acid and alcohol. Does that sound like something you want on your freshly colored locks? Silicones & waxes will coat the hair either causing build up, or creating a barrier outside of the follicle. Overtime, this is actually preventing products to be absorbed properly. Not only will this not let your styling products work the way they should, but your stylist is having to fight through that build up when it's time to color your hair.

Once I switched over to better products, I was seeing less oil at my roots, longer lasting color and less frizz. There was no more of that film from silicone, the acid and alcohol weren't stripping my color and there wasn't wax to fight through so my color was shining the way it should. By ditching these ingredients, I was able to see the results my products were promising to deliver.

We ask you to use quality products because of the time that passes in-between your appointments. Stylists stand behind the products they use because they believe they'll deliver the results you're looking for. We are ensuring your color will last if you're using quality ingredients. We want your color to look stellar for the next 6-8 weeks we don't see you. Our name is on your hair, and we want that to be a reflection of our work...not a lack of reflection due to the build up from those grocery store products. Don't buy your hair stuff where you get your dinner stuff!

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'Til next time my BeautyQueens!

With Love, Kay

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