3 ways you're causing the frizz

One of the most common complaints, curly girl or not- is the battle with frizz! Sure your styling technique might need some work, but the cause of frizz starts much before you even pick up your dryer.

What I typically find is that our hair is not to blame, it's usually user error. Yep, I said it. It's actually your fault the frizz is there if you're doing any of the following things...

1. You're not using conditioner

Lets get straight to the facts on this one- Frizz is happening because your hair is dehydrated. The only way to get hydration is to give your hair more moisture. Even if you're using a moisturizing shampoo, a conditioner almost always needs to follow. There are exceptions to this rule but unless advised by a stylist, please oh please use conditioner!

Use a conditioner for your hair type & you'll see a drastic difference with less frizz. Your conditioner also should not have silicone or waxes in the ingredients. This is a very temporary way to solve frizz, but results in even bigger issues down the road with continued use.

2. Your hair isn't wet enough

So many instructions on the back of the conditioner bottles say to ring out the excess water before applying your conditioner, and even though we don't want the water to dilute the conditioner, there needs to be enough water to help the conditioner shimmy into the small spaces on our hair shaft. Once you use the water to your advantage, your hair will better absorb the conditioner, thus leaving your strands smoother!

Please refer back to the February post if you're having issues getting a clean scalp. That is truly step 1 to solving issues.

3. You take towel drying too literal

Most people will shampoo, condition, ring out the water and then go crazy with the towel to get it more dry before applying products. If you are doing anything more than just a few squeezes to get out excess water, such as doing more of a rubbing your towel back and forth typa thing- you're roughing up your cuticle and most likely tangling your hairs together. When products give instructions to be applied on towel dry hair, it should still be slightly damp but not dripping.

Bonus tip: Every hair type needs to be using some sort of product before drying with heat & a brush. There needs to be a barrier between the tools and your hair. Your hair type will determine which product type you use. Mousse is great for people looking for volume, gel is great for people looking for hold & definition on curls, and cream is a great option for people with medium to coarse texture looking for control and added smoothness.

If you're looking to make the switch to a new product line, feel free to shoot me a message with your hair concerns to find out what your hair is craving.

Cheer to good hair days ahead!

With love,