ThairapywithKay, I want you to Meet Monat.

Happy New Year Beauty Queens!!

I mean did 2017 fly right by or was that just me? It's not that I was wishing the year away, but lets just say I'm welcoming 2018 with open arms. It's off to a great start! I can't keep quiet about something when I get this excited about it - and I'm beyond excited to talk about my new venture with Monat, a luxury hair care line.

Care to hear about how I got here? Let's rewind the clock to 2015. I had seen that fitness company allllll over my FB just like the rest of yas. They would approach me to become a coach and I thought "if only this opportunity was for me - just about something I truly cared about." Every time a coach would tell me I should coach too, it just made me want to focus more of my energy into my career as a hairdresser, that's where my passion is.

Still with me? Fast forward to the middle of 2016 and I'm left with a post baby bod, so I joined the latest program that this fitness coach was loving. After approaching me about coaching again and reminding me I would be so happy having something for myself, she had my wheels turning.

Here I am a stay-at-home Mom during the week, with no hobby of my own and nothing that gives me liiiife. You know what I mean right? Like can't wait for the kiddos to go to bed to shift my focus to something of my own. Something that refuels me, gives a good reboot. Us mamas need it!! I knew I wasn't going to find that feeling with that company so I took that idea right off the table.

A whole year went by without really finding anything for ME. I knew that in order for me to stay sane, I needed to find a "hobby". Who the hell has time for a damn hobby?? Girl you gotta make time! As 2017 started winding down and everyone was crazy making resolutions, I decided I need a big shift in my habits, my mind set and write down big goals for myself instead. I decided that in 2018, I was going to be focused on making time for myself and doing things with a purpose.

Here's where it gets good-

The universe always works in the craziest of ways! Along comes this "follow" on Insta from a fellow stylist in the area. Ultimately, wanting like-minded people to join her team with Monat! It was like the clouds had parted, dropped this little gift right into my notifications and the hair gods were singing in a soft voice "ooohhwa, this is for youuuuu" from the heavens above!!

I chatted with her very briefly but her excitement was totally contagious and that made me want to join without even trying the products. Aren't I nutty? I literally signed up for this gig not even knowing if I would like it or if I would stand behind the products.

I looked into the company policies some more from a consumers perspective. The best part is that Monat offers 100% money back on all products-retail or VIP! I should mention they have a less than 1% return rate FYI. I knew I had nothing to lose at this point. I did the typical research any woman does- take it to Google. I read reviews on Facebook, I searched through Pinterest for before and afters and two days later I said "Take my money and let me get to making some people happy!". I couldn't wait to try Monat! Whats better than trying new products?

Whether you've got hair loss or thinning that you're worried about, or looking for the miracle smoothing product for your course hair, this product line does not disappoint. I've got your solution for whatever your problem might be. If you haven't made a goal or resolution for 2018 yet, let me resolve your bad hair days!! Better yet, if this sounds like an opportunity knocking- don't be afraid to reach out! Lets join forces!

Cheers to 2018, may you reach those goals- how ever big or small they may be!!

With Love,


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