You've been washing your hair all wrong...

I know, I know "Kay, I've been washing my hair my whole life, how could I be doing this wrong?" This is one thing that I constantly notice people struggling with even though it seems like such an easy task.

A few months ago on the radio, they did a poll and said the average person takes an 8 minute shower...I'm sorry what!! How in the world are you doing all the things in 8 minutes?! I'm not saying your shower should drain your hot water tank, but washing your hair isn't something that should be rushed, especially if you're looking to go at least two days between shampoos. Lets address the problem, so I can give you a few solutions.

Here's a few basics no matter what your trouble seems to be-

-Get your hair really wet. Not like a quick head tilt under the shower head, but like sopping wet. Pretend you've got your head in the sink at the salon. We are really working that water into your hair. Its gotta get through products & oils before it even gets to your scalp!

-It doesn't say lather, rinse & repeat just so you use the product quicker. You truly need to repeat! The first wash is bringing everything to the surface and the second is physically washing it away. Do not skip this step!

-Be sure you're using products that are made for your hair type, not necessarily what you're hoping for your hair to be. If you have thin hair and want it thicker, you're not going to be using products for thick hair. You want to address your hair concern so you can get the hair you dream of. As always, if you need help choosing products, lets chat!

Problem: You're crown area is itchy after just one day

Solution: Do you have gunk under your nails if you scratch your scalp? That's your natural oils and you shouldn't have this problem unless you haven't washed in a week or so. Our crown area seems to be the most overlooked area. So what's most likely happening, is your washing the surface of your hair and forgetting about the scalp. If your scalp isn't being fully cleansed, you're not removing the actual oils. We want to make sure we're using small circular motions with our fingertips while shampooing. Try combing your hair before wash days to loosen the oils off the scalp.

Problem: Your hair feels heavy and just sits there

Solution: Do you wonder why your hair has no body or life to it? As you can probably guess, I'm going to tell you to check out the ingredients in your products. We want to make sure we've ditched the silicone based products as they're creating a build up over the hair cuticle and weighing you down with that greasy feeling. Making the switch to salon quality products will help remove the build up and over time your hair will have life back in it.

Problem: You've got too much hair

Solution: I find that people with a crazy amount of hair have a hard time getting it really clean. Separate your hair in half so you have the right side and the left side. Wash them as if they're truly two separate heads of hair. Make sure you start in the crown and work the shampoo in, still using small circular motions with your fingertips and do the same thing for the other side.

Problem: You've got hard water

Solution: Get yourself a shower head that filters the water! Hard water contains a higher mineral content & does a number on your color and your hair cuticle. The water will literally just bead right over your hair, the same way it does if we have oil on our skin. They do make products to help get rid of excess mineral build up but getting a filter will fix this. The easiest way to tell if you have hard water is to check for a film on your drinking glasses even after they've been washed. Regardless of what products your using, this problem is going to stick around. Check your local home improvement store for a filter and help your hair out!

If your problem persists and you can't seem to figure out the issue, book yourself a blow dry and we'll get to the root of the problem! We all deserve good hair days and you're no exception! Book online 24/7 at