Bridal Services

if you're viewing this as the bride-to-be, Welcome- we're Air mailing you a huge hug and screaming Congratulations!

While we're no wedding planners, as your hairstylists,we're here to help eliminate any of the extra worries and wonders you may have about pulling your look together.


With help from the rest of our beauty team, we will leave you looking like a glammed up version of yourself, guaranteeing that you'll feel beautiful on your big day, and vowing to the hair-gods that your hair will last you into the wee hours of the night on the dance floor.

The bride can't say "I DO" on her big day without her tribe by her side. From curls for the flower girls,"blow&go's" for the mothers' of the bride and groom, to the complete dolling up of the bridal party, don't forget to book the beauty crew for your big day.