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Hi, I'm Kay...

I'm a Mom, "Thairapist", and a DevaCurl Stylist with a passion for the beauty industry.

As far back as I can remember, I was into all things beauty!  My journey towards a hair stylist started back in high school doing my girlfriends hair, and continued right in to being a receptionist in a busy upscale salon. I completed my Associates Degree in Business, but I knew myself well enough to know that this was just a stepping stone.

I was constantly fascinated by the talent my co-workers had, but seeing their success go hand in hand with their happiness was something I was after! 







Shortly after graduating from community college, the director of the salon asked me why I hadn't gone to school for hair.  I had no answer. I just had my first baby, and I knew I needed a career for the life I wanted for myself & I knew I needed to love what I was doing.

In 2011, I received my cosmetology licence through Paul Mitchell Schenectady!

Part of what makes me unique as a stylist is my own history of struggling to embrace & control my curls. From searching for the right concoction of products, battling with never ending frizz & repairing years of damage from the flat iron- I truly believe that I've turned my negative experiences into something I can help my fellow Beauty Queens avoid. After all, our curls just need some TLC and a little coaching!

When I'm not behind the chair, you can usually find me spending time with my two boys. Being a Mom to boys means guitar lessons and Tae Kwon Do classes, lots of visits to the playground and frequent trips to the trampoline parks when the winter months hit us here in NY!

When I'm not in full Mom mode, you can bet yourself that I'll be sneaking in quiet time getting my nails done, planning the next night out with my girls, or squeezing in a date night with my hubby!

As a hairstylist dedicated to giving you the freshest look to match your lifestyle, I also strive to give you an outstanding service time after time.

In the Capital Region, your choices for stylist are endless, so I want to Thank You for your loyalty and trusting me to beautify the crown you never take off.


With all the Love,


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